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It is very evident that I love photography, so let’s skip that stuff – let me introduce you to the face behind all of those images!

I’m Amara.  I laugh and smile a lot, hold VERY lengthy concerts in my car, and born and raised on a farm with oodles of animals my entire upbringing.  I rode horses, quads and anything with a motor, showed cattle, and had an array of animals to take care of from hedgehogs to sheep.  I love coffee, peanut butter, popcorn, snowboarding, anything vintage, and am a very distracted cook.  I own two purses but I can’t tell you where they are as I carry my wallet (which I lose frequently) under my armpit.  I don’t own a TV, and I feel like I go through a break up after each series I finish on Netflix.  My family is large, loud, hilarious and beyond talented.  I have six beautiful nieces, two nephews and the most incredible husband Shawn by my side on this journey.   We reside in the middle of a pine forest in Alberta with 10 beautiful quarter horses, 3 mini horses and two mini donkeys, two labs - Penny + Nikki, 2 cats, 40+ chickens and Lenny, our potbelly pig.  Three years ago we started an incredible business called Leaning Tree Trail Rides, offering people the opportunity to come ride our horses on our beautiful trails!!  I LOVE being outside, mowing the lawn, riding horses or elbows deep in the garden.

Almost 16 years ago I graduated from The Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC and made this my life.  I never dreamt for one second photography would take me all over the world, introduce me to such amazing people and fill that cup so full.   So .. if you feel like laughing, getting your photo taken, and becoming a part of my photo family, send me a message.  OR, if you want to see how random my life really is, head over to my personal instagram account and add me! @amaradirks and more work stuff @amaradirksphotography + @leaningtreetrailrides

Thanks for being here!


Hey everyone!  I'm Amara's younger sister and have been her shadow for many, MANY years.  We have shot numerous weddings together, attended photography conferences, bounced ideas off one another and worked together extensively creating.  I am so excited to finally hop on board with her and build up my portfolio.

I live just down the road from Amara, with my husband and our two beautiful girls - who you will see pop up here and there - and our mini donkey, two pigs, three cats and our dog.  I am a perfectionist who spends a great deal of time crafting with wood, paint, and anything I can get my hands on.  I love my kitchen, concocting new tasty meals, summertime cruising on my lawn mower and getting my hands dirty in my flower beds.  I'm busy.  

I can't wait to see where this adventure with Amara takes me, but you can bet you will have a lot of laughs with us both as we create some beautiful memories for you to cherish for a lifetime! 

You can find me over on instagram @jessiescorner!

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